Interdisciplinary approach benefits brain research

How do practice and theory reinforce one another in neuroscience? Professor Birte Forstmann’s inaugural lecture on 2 October will be about building interdisciplinary bridges between cognitive neuroscience and cognitive models. Her approach may lead to brain research with fewer side-effects for patients.

'Just wait until your mother gets home’

Fathers and mothers bring children up differently. Mothers are more likely to correct children for bad behaviour, for example. This is one of the findings of PhD research by Liesbeth Hallers-Haalboom. PhD defence 7 October.

Back by popular demand: MOOC on African federalism

'Federalism & Decentralisation: Evaluating Africa's Track Record', Jan Erk's (Leiden University Institute of Political Science) open online course is open again. After a very succesful run last Summer, Coursera now offers the course on-demand, with a flexible schedule.