Educational Board

The Educational Board of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (CA-DS) consists of lecturers, students, an ICLON advisor and the educational coordinator of CA-DS. The board advises the Executive Board and the Faculty Board about education.


Tasks are for example the determination of the educational- and examination regulations, the educational programme for the coming year and the evaluation of the courses that have been given during the year. The Educational Board can also advise the Faculty Board about the composition of their Educational Board and other matters that are connected with the curriculum of CA-DS.

Student members

Besides this, each year student members of the board nominate a lecturer for the faculty's ‘Casimir-prize’. Furthermore, bachelor and master students CA-DS contact the student members about their feedback on the curriculum of the institute. Student members of the Educational Board can be contacted via email:


Staff members

Student members

  • Janita Sanderse
  • Kjell Winkens
  • Jenny Middendorp
  • Claudia Nieuwenhuis

Secretary Educational Board

Educational Board advisor