Meyknecht, Drs. S. (Steef)

  • Lecturer
  • Visual Ethnography
  • Social processes
  • Qualitative research
  • Minorities
  • The Netherlands

Short CV

Steef Meyknecht considers participant observation as the most powerful research method preparing social video documentaries with descriptive quality. His documentaries are ethnographies which do not use only the medium text but also the media sound and image. His specialization is Visual Ethnography.

His documentaries are being screened by Dutch public senders. Furthermore, they are selected by film festivals all over the world. In 2007 his film 'A Hospice in Amsterdam'was awarded by the Royal Anthropological Institute (see below). Being a lecturer in Visual Ethnography at Leiden University on the one hand, and an independent documentary filmmaker on the other, Steef considers these professions as – mutually - inspiring. Steef is also member of the French 'Comité du Film Ethnographique'.

CV S. Meyknecht (2015)


Currently, Steef is doing research for a video documentary in the northern province of The Netherlands, Groningen. For Dutch public television he would like to realize  a documentary on a small village community which actively opposes the urban growth. A small community in the province of Groningen is also interesting because of the continuous thread of earthquakes, caused by national excessive natural gas extraction.

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Steef his documentaries are being screened by Dutch public senders. Furthermore, they are selected by film festivals all over the world.

Tobacco Truths and Rummikub
There  are the sixth form of the Islamic primary school Ababil, the Rummikub-club of Riet, the Tobaccoshop Cultureel of Uli and the local policeman Ferry. These four stories create a meaningful  portrait of the backyard neighborhood Nieuwland, Schiedam, The Netherlands. 2010, 93'.

A hospice in Amsterdam
If the care of family and friends is not enough anymore, people come to die in ‘het Veerhuis’. With the help of 45 volunteers, the four inhabitants create, temporararily, their own environment. The daily routine of the hospice is the subject of this intimate portrait. 2005, 60’.

Boarded  Up
The city renewal is in full swing. The largest part of the old houses out of the Amsterdam Social Housing Stock are renovated or will be replaced by newly-built houses. The documentary renders an intimate account of the last year of these apartments with their inhabitants. 2000, 110’.

Mamissi Kokoe, Voodoo priest in Lome 
Portrait of a Voodoo priest in the quarter of Be, Lome, Togo. 1997, 57’.

171 gulden 15, to be spent in Africa
Menno Sypkens Smit remained in the village where he did his first fieldwork as an Anthropology student. 20 years later, he is married to a girl from the same village. A very personal portrait. 1994, 49'.

Rouch his Gang
In cooperation with Joost Verheij, Dirk Nijland en Philo Bregstein. a Documentary on the French antropologist and filmmaker Jean Rouch and his four friends from Niger, Damouréd Lam, Tallou en Moussa, while shooting Madame l'Eau. 1992, 70'.

Karspel 2
A documentary on the development of conflict leading to an explosion in a state housing for youngsters, Amsterdam. In cooperation with Ton Guiking. 1991, 72'.