Prof. Wasif Shadid

  • Full professor
  • Independent confidential faculty counsellor
  • Intercultural communication/management, integration, stereotypes/prejudice, Islam, minorities, methods of research

Personal Homepage:

Prof. Wasif Shadid is professor in intercultural communication at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. As an anthropologist he is associated with the Leiden Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology.

He gives lectures and carries out research on intercultural communication, interethnic relations and methodology of social research. Among his publications is his book on 'Fundamentals of intercultural communication' ("Grondslagen van interculturele communicatie. Studieveld en werkterrein", Kluwer, Amsterdam 2007.). Furthermore, he has published, or is co-author of, various books and articles on interethnic relations and the multicultural society in general.