3 November, 2014: Rivke Jaffe

Title: Transforming Citizenship through Hybrid Governance: The Impacts of Public-Privatec Security Assemblages. 15:30-17:00h, Room 1.A09, Pieter de la Court building.

Transforming Citizenship through Hybrid Governance: The Impacts of Public-Privatec Security Assemblages

Transforming Citizenship through Hybrid Governance in cities across the world, people increasingly rely on a broad range of interconnected security providers: in addition to public security forces such as the police, they look to uniformed security guards, voluntary neighborhood watches, and armed vigilantes to safeguard their lives and property. Protecting citizens and maintaining public order have traditionally been seen as core state functions, and the monopoly on the legitimate use of violence has been central to definitions of the state. What does it mean when the state actively shares this monopoly and encourages “plural policing”? What happens when private security providers take on public governmental roles, and how does this impact the relationships between citizens and the state?

This talk discusses the ERC-funded research project on security and citizenship that I have recently started, and presents some preliminary findings from Kingston, Jamaica. The talk explores how the privatisation and pluralisation of security provision affects citizenship; I discuss how political subjectivities shift, and differentiated citizenship can become more entrenched, as a result of these modes of security governance.

About Rivke Jaffe

Dr. Rivke Jaffe is an associate professor at the Centre for Urban Studies and the Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies. Prior to joining the UvA, she held teaching and research positions at Leiden University, the University of the West Indies, and the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV). Her anthropological research focuses primarily on intersections of the urban and the political, and specifically on the spatialization of power, difference and inequality within cities. She is interested in how urban problems such as poverty, crime and environmental degradation are linked to social differentiation along lines of ethnicity, class and gender.

Rivke has started a five-year research programme on public-private security assemblages in Kingston, Jerusalem, Miami, Nairobi and Recife funded by an European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant and a Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) VIDI grant. In collaboration with Martijn Oosterbaan (Utrecht University), Rivke is leading an NWO-GW funded project titled “The Popular Culture of Illegality: Criminal Authority and the Politics of Aesthetics in Latin America and the Caribbean”. Together with Eveline Dürr (LMU, Germany) and Gareth Jones (LSE, UK), Rivke is involved in leading the three-year NWO/DFG/ESRC ORA Plus research project “Slum Tourism in the Americas: Commodifying Urban Poverty and Violence”.

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