Research Seminars Spring 2015

Why are some robberies accompanied by more violence than others? What is the role of art in Palestinian-Israeli peace activism? How is heritage used as a resource in West African culture banks and North American tribal museums?

Monday 2 February our spring series of the Research Seminars will give the floor to national and international scholars who will present their research on a broad range of topics.

Mark Moritz (Ohio State University) will start the new series on Monday 2 February with his seminar 'Emergence of the Commons: How Pastoralists Avoid a Tragedy of the Commons in West Africa'.

More information and overview

The Research Seminars are given in English and are open for everyone. Each seminar will be followed by drinks in the Bamboo Lounge at the third floor of the Pieter de la Court building. For more information on the specific seminars and speakers or previous seminars, see Research Seminars.

For the overview of all the Research Seminars of this spring, check the official Research Seminars Spring 2015 poster.