The Netherlands

The Field School NL offers ten days of intensive training in fieldwork methods and mid-course feedback during the field research for projects in the Netherlands. Due to its geographic focus on the Netherlands, this field school is particularly attractive to international students, but Dutch students are welcome as well.

The topic of your research as part of the Field School NL is yours to choose. On occasion, it is possible to link up your project with ongoing research that staff members and collaborators are undertaking in the Netherlands, such as the current project on (resistance to) shale gas.

Other research interests of the faculty related to the Netherlands include natural and cultural heritage, the economic crisis, intentional communities, and religion. Current study topics in the Field School NL are community gardens, organic eating, and “huiswerkbegeleidingsinstituten” (private companies offering paid homework supervision and assistance).

You are free to conduct your research anywhere in the Netherlands and will receive feedback on your ongoing project mid-way through the fieldwork at your own location.

10-day intensive fieldwork training

The 10-day intensive fieldwork training will take place at a centrally located group accommodation in the Netherlands at the start of the fieldwork period. You will be on location for the full ten days to learn about and practice common (and some less common!) research techniques. Depending on your topic, you may be able to use the data gathered during this period as part of your field data.

Training in fieldwork methods

The training in fieldwork methods includes topics such as:

  • observation & hanging out;
  • participant observation;
  • semi-structured interview & other kinds of interview;
  • conducting a focus group;
  • content analysis;
  • photo elicitation;
  • locating and using archival material;
  • principles of organisation and indexation of field data and basic principles of qualitative analysis software packages

You will be introduced to these topics during the morning sessions and practice them “in the field” during the rest of the day. Each day will be concluded by an after-dinner meeting, collective or individual, to report and reflect back on the day’s activities.

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Please see the for some examples of fieldwork and other projects in the Netherlands.