MA students wanted for Leaderschip study

Are you a Dutch-speaking MA student and would you like to take part in a research study on the Leiden Leadership Programme? Apply here.

Researcher Annette Righolt is looking for Dutch speaking MA students for her research study on the Leiden Leadership programme at our university. Students who do not participate in this Leadership programme can apply for the research study through this online form.

What do you have to do?

  • You fill out 1 or 2 questionnaires (September 2015 and/or June 2016)

  • You ask 3 people who know you well to fill out a questionnaire (friends, family, colleagues). The research team will send out the survey if you will provide the email adresses in the form.

What is the reward?

For your participation you will receive a gift certificate of € 15,- or a pesonal evaluation on the results of you survey. You are also invited to attend the presentation of the research project results. Durting this meeting, the research team will furthermore raffle 4 Leadership training programmes. 


Apply for the research study through this online form.