Start of the Master's programme 2015 (February intake)

Welcome February masters! Here you can find the information on the schedules and introduction programme for the February intake of the Master's programme.


Programme for MA students starting in February

Please note: The yellow marked areas in the schedules imply that the times can change!

For an overview of the schedules or information on the courses of the CA-DS master’s programme, go to our digital study guide e-Prospectus.

Introduction programme February 3rd

Welcome to the MA Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology!

On February 3rd we’ll start off with the first lecture of Doing Ethnography. Afterwards there will be drinks in the Bamboo Lounge on the 3rd floor to get to know the institute, the staff members and to discuss your fieldwork plans. We are looking forward to welcome you on the 3rd.

First lecture Doing Ethnography & Blackboard 
The syllabus of Doing Ethnography will be posted on Blackboard before the start of the course. If you already have a Leiden University student number and account, you can enrol on Blackboard for the module Doing Ethnography (2nd semester).

Discussion of  your research project
During the first meeting of Doing Ethnography we will discuss your preliminary topic for your MA research project, location(s), contacts to the proposed fieldwork site, and whether you possess the relevant language competences. Based on your topic of research, you will be assigned an individual MA supervisor. All senior (PhD-holding) staff members of the institute CA-DS are (in principal) available for individual MA supervision. Here you can find the list of staff members.

More on the Master’s programme outline

General information on the master’s programme can be found on this CA-DS website and schedules and courses in our online study guide e-Prospectus.

For all further questions on the MA programme, please contact:

Research Seminars

All students are invited to the institute's Research Seminars, where we give the floor to national and international scholars presenting their research on a broad range of topics. For information on the Spring 2015 seminars, see Research Seminars.