Wanted: Students for the programme committees!

The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences is looking for new students for the programme committees. Would you like to represent your classmates and improve the quality of education? Candidate yourself! This is possible until Friday 11 September.

What does a programme committee do?

As a member of a programme committee, your main concern is the quality of education. Together with your fellow members you will evaluate the courses and suggest whether and how things could be improved. The programme committee can give advice on all matters concerning education. In addition, the programme committee has a reporting function for students. For suggestions or comments about the education, students can contact the programme committee.

Why should you candidate yourself?

The participation of students in higher education is extremely important. There are four main reasons to join the programme committee:

  1. You make sure the board of education remains self-critical and you defend the interests of your fellow students 

  2. You make sure the quality of your education is warranted or improved.

  3. You contribute to a challenging study culture and care for a good connection between the university and the students.

  4. And last but certainly not least, the work you do for the programme committee will contribute to your personal development.

What is expected from you?

The programme committee meets a couple of times per semester to discuss educational matters. During these meetings you will represent the students and their perspective. Outside the meetings you should be open to comments and suggestions from your fellow students. At the end of the year you will receive a fee for your work.

Apply no later than Friday 11 September!

You can apply by sending an e-mail with your photo and a short motivation (max. 200 words) to the student member of your Executive Board. You can apply until Friday 11 September, 17:00. Would you like more information first? Ask the student member of your Executive Board: