Financial matters

The fieldwork or internship expenses are not covered by the tuition fee for the MA programme. Field research, especially abroad, can be a costly endeavour for the student. The total expenses for the fieldwork or internship, including ticket, visa, vaccinations, accommodation, etc. will approximately be € 3.000 – € 4.000, depending on the country where the fieldwork takes place.


Regularly, CA/DS students acquire grants from LUF or LUSTRA, but can also be successful in acquiring financial aid from smaller, private funds and trusts. Suitable funds can also be identified via the student counselor ( ‘studentendecaan’), Kaiserstraat 25, Leiden, tel.: 071-5278011.

  • The LUF/LIFS International Study Fund enables MA students to travel abroad for individual projects related to their degree programmes.
  • The LUSTRA+ scholarship has been created by Leiden University for students registered at Leiden University who want to study, do research or do an internship at an institution or in a company outside Europe:
  • The Steven Engelsman Grant provides financial support to research associates and talented young Master’s students interested in conducting (ethnographic) research, or publishing, on the collections of the Tropenmuseum, Museum Volkenkunde and Afrika Museum.

Other funds: