Indonesia (Java)

The Policy Oriented Research Projects offer MA students the possibility to develop their research project in close collaboration with organizations. The collaboration is useful to both parties: The organisations engage in (development) initiatives which may gain from outcomes of anthropological research.

Carrying out this research will provide you as MA student with professional experience in the field. It advances your professional skills in training your ability to embed your research in a professional context. You can learn how to define a topic and the use of outcomes in conversations with professionals working on tangible social problems. In this way the research is more applied and useful.



SARI is a non-profit organization based in Solo (Surakarta) and was established to provide information and support to women migrants and children, especially those who are victims of forced labour, sexual exploitation and trafficking. Their activities involve the organization of training workshops to provide legal aid and enhancement of the rights of migrant workers, facilitating the establishment of economic activities for returnees, and advocating infrastructural support from  local authorities for migrant workers. These activities are held also to train potential local activists who will further organize similar activities in their own localities.

International migration of Indonesian workers have increased through the years and the countries of destination primarily include the Asia Pacific Region (especially Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and China), the Middle East and also the Netherlands. Many of these workers earn more in these countries, however in practice, they very often experience difficult situations, because the working conditions are not at all conducive, and permits to stay are either absent or much shorter than expected.  It was because of the frequent occurrence of malpractice especially by illegal agents, that SARI was established in 1997. Its broad network includes not only organizations and migrant groups in the areas of origin but also in the areas of destination. 

During the internship period, the student is expected to do research on the strategies of migrants after they return, the connections with friends and family during and after the migration period. In particular two areas near Solo are important research sites, because many of the workers there have been to Netherlands. This can also be supplemented by interviews with migrant workers in the Netherlands, under the banner of IMWU (Indonesian Migrant Workers Union –NL). The information obtained by the internee would be useful for SARI in planning its future activities.

Contact person:
Ratna Saptari