Study Advisor

The study advisor for Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology is drs. Nina Osterhaus-Simic. Students can approach the study advisor if personal or other circumstances obstruct the progress of the study.

Students can also contact the study advisor for advice and information concerning:
• Study planning
• Advanced or delayed (de)registration
• Study and examination regulations
• Choice of specialisations
• Studying abroad
• Disagreement or conflict with a lecturer.

For short questions, students can always visit Nina Osterhaus-Simiç in her room 3.A17 or call (071 527 3450). If you need more time, it is advisable to make an appointment. The study advisor is basically present at the institute every day expect for the Wednesdays.

Tasks of the study advisor

  • Advise, stimulate and support students

  • If social or study problems occur, direct students to authorised organisations and mediate if necessary

  • Coordinate study guidance

  • Counsel students with individual regulations (student grants, study delay caused by personal circumstances, examination board)

  • Contribute to the development, implementation and evaluation of the educational policy

  • Provision of information about the study inside as well as outside the faculty.


Ms. Drs. N. Osterhaus-Simic
Study advisor
Room: 3A17
Tel: 071 - 527 3450