Admission and registration

Here you will find information on admission and registration requirements of the Bachelor course, Summer course, and the methodological MA track 'Visual Ethnography as a Method'. To participate in our MA track in the Master's, you require a BA degree in CA-DS or equivalent and have to have completed one of the Bachelor courses in Visual Methods.

Bachelor Course Visual Methods

This course (10 EC) provides a general theoretical introduction to visual methods, as well as hands-on training. Students are introduced to the ways in which photography and video are used in anthropological research. They are also familiarised with the ways in which ethnographic films are made. Students make a short film during the course. The course runs from February to June.

This course is open to 2nd or 3rd year students in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology or equivalent from any Dutch university, to exchange students and to pre-master students. Experience with audio-visual methods and techniques is not required. This is a beginner's course.

The course is taught in the spring semester, from February to June. For more details visit our e-Prospectus.

Application for students outside Leiden University 
The course has only room for a number of guest-students. Students enrolled at Leiden University (as bachelor, exchange or pre-master student) take precedence. If you are studying at another Dutch University, please send a short motivation letter to before 1 January 2017 with the following information:

  • What do you study at which University? 

  • In which year are you now? 

  • Do you already have experience with visual methods and techniques? 

  • What is your motivation to participate in the BA course Visual Methods? 

  • Do you have the intention to enroll in the Master CA-DS in Leiden with the Methodological track Visual Ethnography as a Method?

At 15 January 2016 we will let you know if you are selected to enroll in the Bachelor Course Visual Methods and how you can register.

BA Summer course Visual Methods

The content of this course is similar to the Bachelor course Visual Methods, but it takes place during the summer in July & August. This course can be taken either on its own or as part of a pre-masters programme for an MA with the option Visual Ethnography as a Method.

Attention: Instead of offering a summer program in Leiden this year, we collaborated in 2016 with the Athens-based Summer School of "Visual Ethnography of Cityscapes.” More information about the 2017 edition will follow.

More information: Summer Course Athens

MA track Visual Ethnography as a method

The special track Visual Ethnography as a method is a methodological option, embedded within the regular Masters’ specialisations. It is not a specialisation in itself. It has to be combined with any of our two Master's specialisations. For more information on the MA programme and specialisations see

Starting in September
The track ‘Visual Ethnography as a Method’ is only offered as part of the programme starting in September each year (and therefore not available from February).

MA admission requirements
The general admission requirements of the Masters’ in CA-DS also apply for the ‘Visual Ethnography as a method’. However, this track is only accessible to a limited number of qualified students. The MA admissions committee assesses applications with regard to the admission to the MA CA-DS as a whole as well as to the Visual Ethnography track.

Additional documents
Students who would like to be placed for ‘Visual Ethnography as a Method’ need to explicitly state this within the standard application procedure for the MA students, by submitting the following additional documents:

  1. An explicit statement that you wish to take part in this methodological track, and a motivation of this preference. (200 words)

  2. A sketch/idea for a viable MA research project. Viability depends on the topic chosen, but also significantly on the location at which fieldwork is to be conducted. For ‘Visual Ethnography as a method,’ students are only allowed to do fieldwork at a site where they have a good command of the language and have prior knowledge of the field site(s). Normally, students from the Netherlands will conduct fieldwork ‘at home’. (450 words max)

  3. Proof of prior training in visual anthropological methods. If you have been trained in these other than through the course Visual Methods (as offered by Leiden University), please indicate which courses on your transcript prove this and how they have equipped you with the necessary skills. Also, please send us (links to) the audio-visual production(s) that you have made in the context of these courses. (You can compare the learning aims of the courses that you have completed with the goals of the course Visual Methods as described in the e-Prospectus.

Pre-Master programme

Visual Methods is accessible within the regular BA programme of CA/DS. If required, students doing a pre-Master programme may be able to incorporate Visual Methods in their pre-Master programme.

Application deadline

The deadline for applications for ‘Visual Ethnography as a Method’ is  identical to the deadline for application for the Masters’ programme starting in September (see the website The decision of the MA admissions committee will be communicated by July 1st.

An early application will result in an early clarification with regard to your possible deficiencies (in the area of visual ethnographic methods or other) and the opportunity to eradicate those within a pre-master programme.

Online application
The online application forms of Leiden University do not mention Visual Ethnography as a specialisation – hence you should opt for either one of the thematic specialisations of CA-DS. To enroll for Visual Ethnography as a Method:

  1. Register online at for the MA pogramme Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology 
  2. Include the additional documents mentioned above

More information

If you have any questions, plesase send an e-mail to