Dr. Wendelmoet Hamelink

  • PhD candidate
  • Middle Eastern Studies, the Kurds, Turkey, Oral tradition, Narrativity, Life story research

Wendelmoet Hamelink MA

Wendelmoet Hamelink studied Turkish Studies and Cultural Anthropology at Leiden University, and graduated in 2005. She wrote her MA thesis on the Turkish Aşık folk poets.

PhD Research
In 2006 Wendelmoet started her PhD research on Kurdish folkpoets Turkey, the Dengbêj. She investigates how the Dengbêj navigate between Kurdish attempts to preserve their culture and language, and Turkish assimilation politics. The project focuses on the dynamics of an oral tradition, and on the shifting cultural and political identities of its performers, in a transnational Kurdish society. For this project Hamelink conducted fieldresearch for a total of one year in Turkey, and paid regular visits to Germany and France for the same research. She traveled extensively in Eastern Turkey and recorded performances of oral traditions in many different settings

Her research interests are the performance of identity and politics in daily life, narrative constructions of individual and collective identities, migration and experiences of displacement and loss, and phenomenology.

She is also setting up a digital archive of the collected data that is incorporated in the archive of the Max Planck Institute in Nijmegen.

Wendelmoet will defend her dissertation ‘The Sung Home. Narrative, morality, and the Kurdish nation’ on 9 October, 2014.

Private e-mail address: wendelmoet05@yahoo.com