Henky Widjaja MA

  • PhD candidate
  • Biofuels, Jatropha, Indonesia

Telephone number: +31 (0)71 527 7303
E-Mail: h.widjaja@law.leidenuniv.nl
Faculty / Department: Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid, Instituut voor Metajuridica, Recht en bestuur ontwikkelingslanden/VVI
Office Address: Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden
Room number B321

Henky Widjaja studied Poverty Studies and Policy Analysis at the Institute of Social Studies in Den Haag For his Masters he conducted research in Indonesia and wrote his thesis about Contract Farming and Smallholders: Critical Perspective on Peanuts Contract Farming Experience in NTB Province of Indonesia (2009).

Henky has a professional background as a consultant for international development organizations, where he spent 3 years (2001-2004) as a project assistant to JICA-Regional Development Planning for Local Government in South Sulawesi before he became a project officer and later on program coordinator for UNDP post conflict recovery program in Central Sulawesi in 2004-2005. After completing his period with the UNDP, he moved to the World Bank-multidonor facility in Makassar where he was assigned to the partnership and publication unit. He spent 1 year in the Eastern Indonesia Knowledge Exchange (Bursa Pengetahuan Kawasan Timur Indonesia) before he joined an agribusiness development program of AusAID - Smallholder Agribusiness Development Initiative  from 2006 to 2008.

In 2010 Henky started his PhD in Leiden. As a PhD researcher he is currently working for the Agriculture beyond Food Program under the sponsorship of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW). His research project title is ‘Jatropha in South Sulawesi: Cultivation, Trade and Discourse’. This is a PhD position in the research cluster ‘JARAK: the commoditization of an alternative biofuel crop in Indonesia’.

As a consultant and researcher he is interested in agrarian political economy, regional development and Indonesian politics.