Roland Ziebe MSc

  • PhD candidate
  • Cameroon, Zootechnic and Animal Production, Tropical Health and Animal Production, Floodplain Fisheries

Roland Ziebe Msc

Professional experience
Roland Ziebe is a Veterinary Doctor, Master in Tropical Health and Animal Production, with experiences in strategy planning and development activities, strengthening capacity of development organizations, research action, monitoring and evaluation of development programs.

He was heavily involved in regional planning activities in the Far North and in the establishment of a consultative framework for coherence issues related to natural resource management issues, including the elaboration of a provincial charter for management and exploitation of natural resources. He is member of several focus groups on development involving experts from Cameroon, Africa (West Africa in particular) and Europe including Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

He is author of several scientific publications on livestock analysis system and conflicts related to natural resource management. He is currently conducting a dissertation related to fish and pastoral issues in the Waza Logone floodplain in the northern Cameroon.

PhD topic
Fisheries in the Waza Logone Floodplain: sustainability and conflicts, North Cameroon, Consultations and reflections on the learning process of the development story of the Waza Logone Floodplain.


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