The writing seminar 'Bring your Thesis'

PhD candidates who have already done their fieldwork, participate in the seminar on strategies for writing and structuring a dissertation.

This seminar provides PhD candidates with the opportunity to discuss the structure of the thesis and particular writing problems. We want to stimulate reflection upon the intricate connection between textual strategies and theoretical approaches. The way a thesis is written and structured, should testify to the author’s choices within the discipline and its theoretical and practical developments. The seminar is organized on a bi-monthly basis.

Every meeting centres on the work of one PhD candidate who provides fellow PhD candidates with the following texts: 

  • Short description of the project 
  • Table of content 
  • Passage from the introduction in which the author describes the content of the various chapters. (If already available) 
  • Passage that the author considers characteristic of the choice of writing style.
During our meeting the author takes the floor and gives an introduction in which the various written items are commented upon. Try to explain how the structure of the thesis may strengthen a particular argument, and how the writing style reflects a particular approach to the field, the research process etc.  Focus upon the writing process and its inevitable problems: did you get stuck, why and how did you solve this?