The general PhD Projects and Practices of Anthropologists (PPA)

The programme is organised in line with the three thematic research specialisations of the institute. Per year three modules are organised in which major concerns within these research areas will be dealt with. The topics vary from one year to another. Every module consists of three monthly meetings; in the first we address a classic text, in the second the focus is on a contemporary debate, and in the third the focus is on an ethnographic monograph.

Every meeting is divided in two parts; an introduction by a staff member will be followed by a discussion based on written assignments by PhD’s. PhD’s have to write small essays addressing specific questions formulated by the staff. These questions aim at stimulating PhD’s to select specific parts and quotes from the literature that are particularly relevant to their own project. Selection of elements from the literature should help PhD’s to situate their own project in the context of wider debates within our discipline.