What is ADOC?

ADOC is a Knowledge Center for Adoption and Foster Care; a digital research center on the effects of relinquishment and the effects on all families when placing a child for adoption or in foster care.

What does ADOC do? A powerpoint

A Powerpoint about ADOC


Adoption and foster care should always be in the best interest of the child. ADOC adheres to the Hague Adoption Convention. Growing up in the loving, respectful and stimulating atmosphere of a family, is one of the most fundamental rights of a child. A family preferably includes biologically related persons. This acknowledges the importance of the bond between the child and his biological family. If this is not possible, then an investigation should be initiated that examines the possibilities of raising the child in its country of birth. Intercountry adoption has to be regarded as a last resort and should be given preference over growing up in an institution, wherever that may be.


ADOC’s aims are the inventory, stimulation and co-ordination of national and inter-national research in relation to the adoption triangle and foster care. The acquired knowledge and experiences on the adoption triangle and on foster care will be accessible to professionals, those who are personally involved and other persons interested in the adoption triangle, both on national and international level.

ADOC maintains contacts with researchers from several universities and organizations, all of whom are involved in the field of the adoption triangle and foster care, which facilitates the initiation of research. ADOC will act as an intermediary between the adoption/foster care  field and researchers.
On the practical side ADOC makes research results accessible for use in the field of the adoption triangle and foster care. Recent research results can be seen as evidence-based information for prevention and intervention in practice and policy.

What ADOC offers:

  • An inventory and category of scientific research gives insight information about the results of national and international research. This information can be find on the page with literature or research. 
  • ADOC aims at stimulation and co-ordination of national and international research. Information about new and (current) research can be find on the research page and the news page.
  • Recent development in research, literature, congresses and symposia can also be find on the news page.  
  • New and relevant research will be stimulated by ADOC, based on the questions from the field of the adoption triangle and the field of foster care.
  • For a fee ADOC can give an evidence-based (scientific) answer on questions about adoption or about foster care. Please contact us by e-mail adoc@fsw.leidenuniv.nl
  • For a fee ADOC can offer individual support by making a research proposal, searching for funding for a research project and then executing research, by itself or with others.

Composition of ADOC

ADOC Board

Vice president:
Anneke Vinke

Peter Benders (Director of Foundation Adoption Services)


Karin Bubberman


Jurrijn Tack (adoptee)
Tom Egyedi (adoption parent) 
Diny Postema (Fiom)
Inge Prenger(adoption agency) 
Prof. dr. Rien van Ijzendoorn (science)

Scientific advisor ADOC
Prof. dr. Femmie Juffer 

Research coördinator ADOC
Anneke Vinke 

Gera ter Meulen

Last Modified: 27-01-2015