Professor Femmie Juffer Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau

Femmie Juffer, Professor of Adoption Studies at the University of Leiden and scientific advisor of ADOC received the decoration of Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau. One of the main reasons for her decoration were her efforts to link science to the field, among others through her work for ADOC.

ADOC congratulates Professor Juffer on her decoration.

Aim of the Order of Orange-Nassau

The aim of the Order of Orange-Nassau is to honour persons who have rendered outstanding service to society. Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau is a high class in this Order. Someone who has rendered exceptional service in his or her work may be eligible for the Order of Orange-Nassau. However, such ‘outstanding or exceptional services in the working environment’ must exceed what might normally be expected of a person in that position. In addition, these services must have been of importance to society, not just to the organisation to which the person belongs.

The order was administered bij the Mayor of Leiden. The Mayor spoke highly of the outstanding scientific work of Professor Femmie Juffer, the applicability of the research for the adoption field, the outstanding education and care she administers to students. The Mayor mentioned ADOC as one of professor Femmie Juffers attributions to the field, as she is one of the founders of ADOC.

Last Modified: 12-07-2012