ADOC Research: Finally home in a new family

ADOC presented in 2011 the first Dutch study on domestic adoptions in The Netherlands. The research project focussed on the well-being of Dutch adoptees and their adoption parents.

Research project: Finally home in a new family

Domestic adoptions in The Netherlands have been taking place for about 50 years. About 17.000 children have been adopted. While quite a lot of research is being done on international adoptions in The Netherlands, the group of Dutch adoptees is quite invisible: no one knows how they are doing, and which factors related to the adoption influences their lifes and the life of their adoptive parents. The Dutch government initiated research on the well-being of the adult Dutch adoptees, their adoptive parents and their birthmothers. ADOC studies the well-being of the adoptees and their adoptive parents and their feelings about relinquishment and adoption. The University of Nijmegen in coorporation with FIOM investigates the well-being of the birthmothers.

The ADOC research project aims at the systematical inventorization of the consequences of the relinquishment to the adult domestic adoptees and their adoptive parents. The project is carried out by Dr. M. H. Dekker. Project leaders are Prof. F. Juffer, professor of Adoption Studies at the University of Leiden and Dr. A. Vinke, Therapist Private Adoption Practice. The ADOC study started with a pilot with a limited number of participants, to find out the feasibility of the study. After a successful pilot study, ADOC started the main project with 150 randomly chosen adoptees and their parents. The project finished March 2011. Results have been published in Dutch in 2011. English articles will follow.

First results of the pilot

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