Camfferman, R. (Roxanna) MSc

  • PhD candidate

  • PhD candidate at the centre for child and family studies, Leiden University. Research project: ‘Parenting and early childhood feeding’ (2013-present).

  • MSc. Research master ‘Developmental psychopathology in education and child studies’, Leiden University. Specialization: Clinical child and adolescent studies (2011-2013). Master’s thesis: ‘Emotion regulation of 6-months old infants during the still-face paradigm: (The) Effect(s) on the autonomic nervous system’.

  • Research internship. Project: ‘A good start’, Leiden University (2012-2013).

  • Clinical Internship. Ambulatorium, Faculty of Social and Behavioral Science, Leiden University. Department Developmental Neuropsychopathology (2012-2013). Basisaantekening Diagnostiek.

  • Research Assistant. Project: ‘Adults with Klinefelter’s syndrome’, Ambulatorium, Faculty of Social and Behavioral Science, Leiden University (2012-2013).

  • Research Assistant. Project: ‘BabyCARE’, Leiden University (2011-2012).

  • BSc. Education and Child Studies. Specialization: Clinical Child and Adolescent Studies, Leiden University (2008-2011).

  • Erasmus exchange student. Department of Education, University of Manchester (2010).



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