Naber, Dr. F.B.A. (Fabiënne)

  • Assistant professor

Academic Career

  • PhD. Behavioural Biology, University of Utrecht. Thesis: 'Toddlers with Autism: Aspects of Early Behavior' (2005)
  • Assistant professor (UD), Centre for Child and Family Studies and Data Theory, Leiden University (2004-present)
  • MSc. Behavioural Biology, University of Utrecht (2000)
  • Master's thesis linguistic differences in children with and without autism, supervised by dr. G. de Krom (1998, University Utrecht, Linguistic studies)
  • Master's thesis on effects of Olanzapine on the behaviour of children with autism, supervised by dr. S.H.N. Willemsen-Swinkels (1997, UMC-Utrecht, dept. Child- & Adolescent psychiatry)
  • University education at the faculty of Biology, University of Utrecht (1996-1999)
  • Bachelor study at the Hogeschool Holland, Amsterdam. Degree in teaching Biology (1992-1996)

Teaching activities

  • Prevention, intervention, early childhood education and parent education, deelblok A  
  • Neurobiologische aspecten van opvoeding en ontwikkeling
  • Gezinspedagogiek
  • Scriptiebegeleiding Bach/Master

Research areas and activities

  • Early detection of social developmental disorders
  • Behavioural studies of children with and without autism spectrum disorders
  • Physiological differences in stress response between children with and without social developmental disorders
  • Physiological responses and attachment classifications

Selected presentations

  • Naber, F.B.A., Dietz, C., Buitelaar, J.K., Willemsen-Swinkels, S.H.N., & Van Engeland, H. (2004). Joint attention behaviour in children with and without autism spectrum disorders. 9th world congress WAIMH, Melbourne Australia. Abstract - day 3, Friday January 16, 2004.
  • Naber, F.B.A., Dietz, C., Buitelaar, J.K., Willemsen-Swinkels, S.H.N., & Van Engeland, H. (2004). Workshop 'Ethology and early detection of social developmental disorders'. 9th world congress WAIMH, Melbourne, Australia. Abstract - day 4, Saturday January 17, 2004.
  • Naber, F.B.A., Willemsen-Swinkels, S.H.N., Buitelaar, J.K., Van Engeland, H., Dietz, C., & Van Daalen, E. (2002). Stress reactions in children suspicious for child psychiatric disorders in the SOSO project. 8th World Congress WAIMH, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Short abstracts - day 3, Thursday July 18, 2002.


For key literature see our research page on Attachment and autism.

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