Pannebakker, Dr F.D. (Fieke)

Fieke Pannebakker is no longer working at the department of Child and Family Studies and can be reached at her new place of business TNo via

Research areas and activities

In the Leiden Longitudinal Empathy Study (LLES) the antecedents and concomitants of moral development are investigated. The focus is on the interplay between attachment, temperament, and parenting in order to explain differences in children’s empathic concern. In the second year of their life, 125 firstborn girls from middle class families were observed in their homes and in the laboratory at 16 and 22 months. This first wave of measurements has been reported in the dissertation of I.L. van der Mark. The second wave took place when the girls were 54 month old. The mothers completed a series of questionnaires, including the CBCL, mothers’ report of their children’s moral development, and a self-report assessment of parental stress. In September 2003, the third wave of measurements will be collected. The girls will be about 78 months old. They and their parents will be asked to participate in this next phase of the LLES which will include age-adequate assessments of attachment, temperament, parenting, and the development of empathic concern.

Selected publications

  • 't Hoen, L.A., & Pannebakker, F.D. (2002). 'Als je begrijpt wat ik bedoel'. Onderzoek naar dialooggestuurde hulpverleningsplanning (Master's thesis). Department of Education and Child studies, Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands.
  • Goltstein, I.E.M., & Pannebakker, F.D. (2001). Effectonderzoek bij morele oordeelsvorming. De invloed van forumtheater op het moreel redeneren van middelbare scholieren (Master's thesis). Child and family studies, Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands.

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