Pieper, Dr. S. (Suzanne)

  • Postdoctoral researcher

Academic Career

  • Postdocoral researcher in the field of biological psychology and attachment with special emphasis on stress reactivity and genetic influences; Centre for Child and Family Studies, Leiden University.
  • Scientific researcher, developing a knowledge ontology on depression and obesity; Emotional Brain, Almere (2006-2008).
  • PhD student in the field of prolonged cardiovascular activity, worry and daily life stress; Department of Psychology, Clinical and Health Psychology, Leiden University (2008).
  • MA, Bilogical Psychology; Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (2000).
  • Internship studying the relation between asthma and depression; Institute of Behavioral Genetics, Boulder, CO, USA (2000).
  • Research assistant, supervising interviews collecting Composite International Diagnostic Interviews from twins; Biological Psychology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (1998).
  • Research assistant, collecting ambulatory heart rate and blood pressure measurements; Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (1997-1998).

Academic Awards

PhD-award 2004-2005, Department of Psychology, Leiden University.

Research areas and activities

  • Physiological differences in stress response
  • Prolonged stress response
  • Perseverative cognition
  • Attachment
  • Multi-level statistics
  • Ambulatory measurements
  • Effects of crying
  • Behavioural genetics

International publications

  • Pieper, S., Brosschot, J.F., Leeden, R. van der, Thayer J.F. Cardiac effects of momentary assessed worry episodes and stressful events. Psychosomitic Medicine. 2007, 69(9): 901-9.
  • Pieper, S., Brosschot, J.F. Prolonged stress-related cardiovascular activation: Is there any? Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 2005, 30(2):91-103.
  • Brosschot J.F., Pieper, S., Thayer J.F. Expanding stress theory: prolonged activation and perseverative cognition. Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2005, 30(10):1043-9.

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