Autism Spectrum Disorders

Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can successfully be treated by teaching their parents certain skills. PRT (Pivotal Response Treatment) is a treatment programme, designed to enhance the motivation for interaction by early stimulation of positive interactions between parents and children. This project is aimed at the neurobiological systems of emotion and arousal in children with ASD and the cognitive functions that help regulate these emotions and arousal.

With the results of the proposed study we can provide more insight into the mechanisms that are of influence on the effectiveness of PRT. This will help us in understanding the plasticity of cognitive and affective emotion regulation processes and possible differences in these processes for individual children with ASD. In turn, this knowledge can be used to optimize further development of the PRT intervention programme. In addition this will help to specifically indicate PRT for the children and parents that will be successful which will lead to a more specified treatment programme that is fine tuned for the individual profile of each child and parent.  


Gemma Zantinge.

Last Modified: 11-01-2016