The Curious Minds programme

The Curious Minds programme (Dutch: Talentenkracht) aims to clarify what ‘talents’ or qualities children possess and how these talents can be stimulated. The focus is on talents within the areas of cognition, social cognition, explorative behaviour, social skills and beta-learning. 

Our study includes hundreds of children attending primary schools in  the Netherlands. An extensive test battery is used to map their strengths and difficulties in the areas described above. Children will be tested twice over a two year period to monitor their development. In addition,  between the assessments several interventions will take place. These interventions focus on improving executive functioning skills, explorative behaviour and social abilities. 

Our main goal is to identify what neuro-cognitive qualities are related to beta-learning and whether different interventions can be successful in improving the development of these talents in 4- to 11-year-olds.     


Last Modified: 11-01-2016