Hidding, E. (Elske) MSc

  • PhD Candidate
  • Instructor
  • 22q11 Deletion Syndrome (22q11DS)
  • Developmental Disorders
  • Neurocognition
  • Social Development
  • Brain Behavior Model

Short CV

Elske Hidding finished the Research Master’s programme Developmental Psychopathology in Education and Child Studies at Leiden University in 2011. This included clinical internships at Centrum Autisme and the Ambulatorium. She wrote her master’s thesis on ‘Executive functioning in relation to proactive and reactive aggression in childhood and adolescence’. She has worked as junior psychologist (orthopedagoog) at Centrum Autisme.

In March 2012 Elske started her PhD study at the Department of Clinical Child and Adolescent Studies at Leiden University, under supervision of Hanna Swaab. Her research focuses on psychopathology and cognitive dysfunctions in children with the 22q11 deletion syndrome.

CV E. Hidding


Elske’s research focuses on the profile of neurocognitive dysfunctions in children (aged 9-18 years) with the 22q11 deletion syndrome (22q11DS), and is aimed at assessing the relationship between neurocognitive deficits and increased vulnerability for developmental disorders in this population. 


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