Kok, Dr. R. (Rianne)

  • Assistant professor
  • Child self-regulation
  • Early childhood
  • Structured observation of behavior
  • High-risk families
  • Brain Behavior Model

Short CV

Rianne Kok graduated in Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Amsterdam  (UvA) and received her PhD at the Centre for Child and Family Studies, Leiden University. Her research focused on the development of early self-regulation, using a longitudinal paradigm with structured observations of child and parental behaviour. She studied the role of environmental factors, e.g., prenatal stress, sensitivity and discipline, in interplay with biological factors, e.g., brain development and genetics, in determining the self-regulatory capacity of young children.

She is currently involved in a study on the parenting capacities of high-risk mothers in relation to the development of self-regulation capacities of their infants.

CV R. Kok (2014)


Rianne Kok studies the development of self-regulation capacities (both emotional and behavioral) in early childhood. She focuses on the interplay between biological child factors, e.g., genetics and early brain development, and environmental factors, e.g., parenting and early life stressors, in determining the quality of self-regulation as a marker of child (dys)functional development.


Sophia Foundation Grant (2011) “Parenting capacity in mothers with a severe mental illness” (€ 249,000).


  • Basic Teaching Qualification
  • Psychodiagnostic Assessment certificate

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PhD Candidates

Vandhana Choenni (Erasmus Medical Center): “Parenting capacity in mothers with a severe mental illness” (2012 – present)

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