Danel, M.S. (Marleen) MSc

  • Education and Research Employee
  • Bachelor project: home-based child care givers’ view on professionalism and quality
  • Master project: the influence of empathy on reading comprehension processes in children
  • Internship: academic skills in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course)

Telephone number: +31 (0)71 527 3388
E-Mail: m.s.danel@iclon.leidenuniv.nl
Faculty / Department: ICLON, Hoger Onderwijs, HO Algemeen
Office Address: Willem Einthoven gebouw
Kolffpad 1
2333 BN Leiden
Room number B2.29

Marleen Danel followed a bachelor’s programme in Pedagogy and Educational Sciences at the University of Groningen and the master’s programme Educational Studies at Leiden University.

Since August 2014, Marleen works as an education and research employee at the Educational Studies department and ICLON. She is involved in tutorial teaching and research on Virtual Research Environments (VRE).

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