Aims and scope

The Institute for the Study of Education and Human Development (ISED) is an inter-university, national research institute conducting research on the education and development of children and adolescents from birth through young adulthood.

The term "education" is used here in a broad (European) sense to refer to both in-school instruction and socialization and out-of-school childrearing and socialization. Besides being a research center, ISED is also a graduate school where PhD students receive training and prepare doctoral dissertations in the area of education and human development.

ISED unites research on children and adolescents conducted by a selected group of qualified researchers in psychology and/or education departments at five Dutch universities: University of Groningen (RUG), the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), VU University Amsterdam (VU), Universiteit Utrecht (UU), and the Universiteit Leiden (Lei, coordinating institution). The main goal of ISED research is to determine in what manner and to what extent the development of children and youth can be optimized through improved educational practices, that is, through better child rearing, socialization and instructional practices, and through professional intervention. This central goal requires answers on the questions:

(a)   how "normal" development proceeds;
(b)   how the development of children and youth is affected by 
       childrearing, socialization and instruction.
Special attention is given to developmental risk factors and to professional interventions designed to prevent, redirect or reverse developmental delays and disorders.

International Contacts

ISED research is internationally renowned. Several ISED members have received prestigious awards and grants from international funds. ISED members are editors or sit on the editorial boards of over sixty international scholarly journals. They are also involved in a variety of cross-national or cross-cultural research projects and frequently publish together with researchers in other countries. The results of ISED research are published in international books and in such leading journals as Developmental Psychology, Child Development, the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and the Psychological Bulletin. Over the past years, more than two hundred articles per year have been published in international journals.

Last Modified: 02-10-2007