ISED research proposal evaluation procedure

In the ISED research proposal evaluation procedure, two types of proposals are distinguished; first, those that were evaluated by NWO or NWO-like organizations and have been judged of sufficient quality to be financed; secondly, all other proposals.
In the first case, ISED would like to receive the proposal together with the reviews and the official letter stating the final judgment. The ISED board then evaluates the suitability of the proposed research topic for the ISED research programme. If the research project fits in te ISED Research Programme, the board will acknowledge acceptance in ISED.
In all other cases the ISED board requires the proposal to be sent in together with favourable reviews from two mutually independent scholars who are also sufficiently far removed from the applicants and other researchers involved in the proposed research. The review procedure should resemble the NWO procedure and be formalized within a local or inter-university graduate school or comparable formal body. Please state the reviewers’ names, functions and affiliations on the reviews. This is for use within the ISED Research Committee, board and the secretariat only.

Each proposal and its accompanying reviews will be sent to a member of the ISED research committee who will evaluate the feasibility of the proposed research as well as its suitabililty for the ISED research programme. If the advice of the first committee member is negative, another member is invited to give an evaluation. On the basis of the two evaluations the Director of ISED takes the final decision.
The ISED secretariat informs the applicant of the outcome. The whole procedure should take no more than two weeks, except when proposals are sent in during the summer holiday period (July and August).

Last Modified: 02-10-2007