Dijk, H. van (Hannah) MSc

  • Teaching- research assistant
  • Developmental psychopathology
  • Learning problems and impairments
  • Autism

After studying the bachelor Education and Child Studies at Leiden University Hannah van Dijk started started the research master’s programme ‘Developmental Psychopathology in Education and Child studies, which she completed in 2013. Hannah followed an internship at the developmental psychopathology department of the Ambulatorium of Leiden University and wrote her master’s thesis at the ‘Een goed begin’ (A good start) researchproject of the Clinical Child and Adolescent Studies department.

Ever since she started studying, Hannah has been working with  children with developmental disorders and/or autism spectrum disorder. Besides, she works as a teaching and research assistant at the Learning Problems and Impairments department where she tutors bachelor students in writing their thesis and she works as a child and adolescent psychologist.


  • NVO Basis Orthopedagoog
  • NVO Basisaantekening Diagnostiek

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