Study information


The e-Prospectus provides you with information on the courses of the Master's programmes offered by the Institute of Education and Child Studies: The Master Education and Child Studies The Research Master Developmental Psychopathology in Education and Child Studies

Master's Project

The Prospectus Master's Project offers all information you need about the organisation of the Master's project. In the Guidelines for the Presentation of the Master's Project you will find how the presentation is organised.

Master Thesis Lab

The Master Thesis Lab is a facility that provides additional support for students writing their master’s thesis.

Internship Bureau

The Master’s Programme in Education and Child Studies trains students to become academic experts in children’s education, learning and development. The master’s internship is an academic internship. This means that you are expected to use pedagogical knowledge based on results from scientific research together with the analytical attitude you acquired in the course of your bachelor’s and master’s programme in order to prevent or resolve children’s developmental or learning problems.