Master's Project


The Master Project forms the final element in all specialisations of the Master’s Programme in Education and Child Studies. The goal of the Master’s Project is to allow students to experience academic research in practice, by taking part in every step of the empirical cycle.

In the course of the Master’s Project, students conduct research on an Education and Child Studies theme which falls under one of the specialisations of the master’s programme. Students formulate their own research question, conduct a literature review, reflect on the methodological, ethical and practical implications of their research, collect and analyse data related to their research question, draw conclusions, and ultimately record these steps in a final report. The Master’s Project is concluded with an individual thesis and an oral presentation.

Master’s Project Guide

The Master’s Project is a substantial component of the master’s programme (20 ECTS). In order to make sure that students have at their disposal all the information required to successfully and pleasantly complete the Master’s Project, the Institute of Education and Child Studies has published a special Master Project Prospectus. We strongly advise you to read this guide thoroughly before you start working on your Master Project.

Masters Project Presentation

In addition to the thesis, the Masters Project is also concluded with a presentation. This presentation is compulsory for all master’s students and it is a requirement for graduation. In approximately 10 min, you are expected to present your research to other master’s students and potential guests.

For further information, see the Master’s Presentation Guide. You can register for your presentation by means of a registration form which your supervisor should sign for approval. You can hand in this form at the Institute Service Desk (4th floor, Room 4B01).

The presentations take place during symposiums which are held on Wednesday afternoons, usually from 14.00 to 17.00 hrs. The precise duration of the symposium depends on the number of presentations. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. The programme of the symposiums is published on this website every month.

Presentation dates 2015-2016 Registration deadline
16-09-2015 14-08-2015
14-10-2015 18-09-2015
11-11-2015 16-10-2015
09-12-2015 20-11-2015
13-01-2016 18-12-2015
10-02-2016 15-01-2016
09-03-2016 12-02-2016
13-04-2016 11-03-2016
11-05-2016 15-04-2016
15-06-2016 13-05-2016
06-07-2016 10-06-2016
20-07-2016 24-06-2016
10-08-2016 15-07-2016

Programme Symposium



Thesis Repository

The thesis repository is a digital database of the Leiden University libraries where the theses of graduates of the University are stored. Uploading the thesis to the thesis repository is a condition for graduating for students of the Master’s programme in Education and Child Studies and for students of the Research Master’s programme in Developmental Psychopathology in Education and Child Studies.
The application for the Master’s examination will only be approved once the final definitive version of your thesis, assessed as adequate, has been entered into the thesis repository. For this purpose you will fill in and sign a Consent Form, together with your first and second supervisor.

General information on the thesis repository can be found on the website of the University Library.

Last Modified: 28-07-2016