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Information on all ICT-related matters.


What is Blackboard
Blackboard is a digital environment to support coursework comprised of interactive forums for every respective course. Blackboard is used to share information by placing slides and lectures from classes, announcements and other useful documents in an accessible virtual space. It also has e-mail, group discussion, and grade book functions.

The Blackboard website.

To log in
To log in on Blackboard you need your uAccount and password. You can enroll for courses by looking up the course in Blackboard under ‘courses’, ‘faculteit der sociale wetenschappen’, 'education and child studies’, and then your programme. You can enroll by clicking the ‘enroll’ button on the right side. You are now enrolled for the course. This course will appear on your start page from now on, the ‘My Institution’ page.

Computer facilities

The Pieter de la Court Building houses approximately 265 computers for use by students. There are computers in the basement and in the halls on the first, second, third and fourth floor.  

A copy card is needed for printing and can be bought from the copy card machine next to the Servicedesk FSW(1st floor) and on the ground floor. Every student has personal space on the network of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural  Sciences. This entails that you can save documents on every computer within the building and re-open and edit them from any other computer.

ULCN (uSis and uMail)

ULCN is the abbreviation for Universiteit Leiden Community Network. Every student can access ULCN via internet. Students will mainly use uSis and uMail to        

  • to access exam results        
  • to change your home address
  • to register/de-register for exams
  • to register/de-register for courses

is your university e-mail box through which notifications from your institute and the University are sent. This account is linked to the university’s student administration system. This means that all official e-mails go to this e-mail address. You will have to read your uMail on a regular basis.

Questions regarding ICT?

If you have general questions on computer facilities you can contact the ISSC Helpdesk, which is located on the first floor next to the Servicedesk FSW in the Pieter de la Court Building. Tel: 071 527 8888.

Last Modified: 01-07-2013