University's libraries

The Library is located in the Pieter de la Court building (Wassenaarseweg 52).

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday from 09.00-19.00,
Friday from 09.00-17.00.

The collection
The library contains books, magazines and journals on: Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, Education and Child Studies, Psychology, Political Science and research methods. Books and magazines are presented in a way that you can pick one from a shelf yourself. The collections are strongly related to the diverse theoretical disciplines. Magazines are organised alphabetically by title.

More information
Website Library Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Central University Library

The Central University Library is located at Witte Singel 27 (WSD-building 1169).

Opening hours
Monday to Friday from 08.30-22.00 (after 17.00 restricted access),
Saturday from 09.30-17.00, 
Sunday from 13.00-17.00.

More information
Website University Libraries.

Last Modified: 10-11-2016