The Centre for Intercultural Education and Development aims to coordinate and stimulate teaching and research activities at the Institute of Education and Child Studies (Leiden University) with a focus on multicultural issues.


The centre contributes and supports courses to all bachelor's and master's programmes in Education and Child Studies. It offers the opportunity to choose a broad range of courses as electives in any degree programme in Education and Child Studies. This allows students to accentuate or profile their interest and competence in the field of Intercultural Education and Development.

Most courses in the bachelor's  programme are in Dutch. At the master's level you can find a mix of courses in Dutch and in English. If you are interested and want to know more about available courses, please have a look at the e-Prospectus.


The Centre has its own PhD-programme focusing on learning development, child rearing and youth care in multicultural settings (schools, play grounds, job settings, regions). Short descriptions of some of the research projects can be found in the section Research projects.

Two types of students

Eligible for participation in the PhD-programme are two types of students.

  1. Students who completed a selective master's programme of Education and Child Studies preparing students for conducting educational research. These students prepare their own research project and are eligible for some university funded PhD-positions. The centre also programmes research and seeks funding.

  2. Self-funded candidates who apply for a position. A selection committee will screen the candidates’ competencies, the fit between their research plans and the centre’s research programme, and the centre's available supervision capacity.

More information

More information can be found on the Graduate School website.

Last Modified: 05-04-2016