Who was Rommert Casimir?

Rommert Casimir

Rommert Casimir

Rommert Casimir (Sept 29 1877 - March 13 1957) was the first professor of Educational Sciences in The Netherlands, appointed at a special chair at Leiden University in 1917. As a professor he saw it as his mission to entice and instruct others to study these processes and to improve children’s lives.

Children’s development is anchored in their everyday experiences
He promoted the notion that children’s development is anchored in their everyday experiences, in their mutual interactions, and in their interactions with parents and teachers who consciously or unconsciously guide or misguide them. As a behavioural scientist he understood the importance of finding empirical evidence for claims on good and bad or right and wrong in the transactions between the developing child and a changing environment.

Socialization contexts

He considered the family, the school, and the peer group as the most important socialization contexts to be studied comprehensively as they shape the children’s development.

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