Regulations regarding the material budget for PhD candidates

The Institute of Educational and Child Studies allows each government-funded (i.e., ‘regular’) PhD candidate a ‘material’ budget of € 5,000 maximum.


This budget is intended to support thesis work, and is granted for the term of appointment only. Funded activities may include:

  • research-related travel,
  • conferences,
  • training programmes,
  • purchase of literature and software.
However, if this allowance proves insufficient the Institute cannot offer further financial support. Candidates should then search for additional funds from their respective departments, or seek other sources of financial sponsoring.

Costs not covered by the budget

The € 5,000 allowance is not intended to be used for regular material expenses such as copy cards, stationery, pencils etc., which all departments are expected to provide for their staff. Neither may the budget be used for any costs related to the thesis defence (including thesis printing costs; these are covered by university/faculty regulations).


For all PhD candidates, irrespective of the resources from which their appointments are funded, the rule is that costs for the thesis defence (including printing costs) cannot be borne from regular material means.


All proposed expenses must be approved by the supervisor and/or the direct line manager. This means that PhD candidates must discuss all expenses planned with their supervisors in advance. All expense statements, authorized by the supervisor/manager, must for final approval be handed in to the Institute manager Simone van der Kuil, who will see that individual budgets are not exceeded.

Regulations regarding the material budget for government-funded PhD candidates.

Last Modified: 28-10-2014