English Language Checks

Handing in written assignments is part of student life, and nowadays these assignments more and more often have to be done in English. Unfortunately, it is not the first responsibility of university lecturers to correct students’ use of language.

Free of charge

PhD candidates and Research Master students of the Faculty may ask Maria Sherwood-Smith, Lecturer Academic English, to do an English-language check of their written work. This will be free of charge in the following two cases:

  • a limited section of a text – for instance the Introduction and Conclusion of an empirical paper. Usually students are already much helped by this partial check, as they can then adapt the rest of their text with the help of the linguistic pointers and comments received. This service is available for those who have taken the Pitfalls and/or Word Order courses.

  • applications for PhD positions, scholarships, grants, etc. etc.


However, for a language check of complete PhD theses or papers you are going to submit to a journal you will have to pay the usual rates. For more information please contact Maria Sherwood-Smith