'Presenting your research' - PhD course

An important part of scientific work consists of presenting research results to the international scientific community. This course provides rules and guidelines for three different modes of presenting results. You will acquire and practise the skills involved in each of these three different manners of presentation. You will be required to write and revise a short paper, give an oral presentation, and make a poster. The assignments will be reviewed by the instructors. For the oral and poster presentations, course participants also give and receive feedback on each other’s work.

This course is exclusively open to PhD candidates in Education and Child Studies.

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Tuesdays, 13-15 hrs.


  • 20, 27 September
  • 4, 11, 25 October
  • 8, 15 November
  • Reserve session: 22November

Please reserve 22 November as a fallback option. There will be no class on 18 October or 1 November.

Maximum no. of participants: 8.
This course is primarily intended for candidates in the second year of their PhD programme.

Blackboard course name
Graduate School Presenting Your Research (2016-2017) (Code: 6PRRE-PED-1617FSW)

To register please email Maria Sherwood-Smith, stating what stage of your PhD programme you are in.


  • American Psychological Association (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. Washington, DC.
  • Various articles on writing and presenting, to be announced.


Posters, papers, oral presentations - participation 20% and quality of presentations 80%, assessed by instructors.  

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