Support for PhD candidates

PhD candidates depend for a large part on their supervisor ('promotor') for the succes of their PhD project. It is in their own interest to finish their doctorate on time, as this considerably strengthens their position in the job market. The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences offers them support with problems they may encounter on the way towards their doctorate degree.

PhD mentor

The faculty's PhD mentor, Emeritus Professor Wasif Shadid, mediates in all problem situations and can discuss issues with the supervisor that PhD candidates themselves find difficult to raise.

Faculty's confidential counsellor

Dissatisfaction with the work environment and the occurrence of conflicts with supervisors and management in general happen in all kinds of organisations irrespective of whatever safety measures have been taken to ensure optimal functioning on the work floor. Many of such conflicts are often the result of miscommunication, misunderstanding, prejudice, etc. and can adequately be resolved if raised in time.

For dealing with such problems the Leiden Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences as an organisation has its own 'independent confidential counselor' in emeritus professor Wasif Shadid  He is available to all staff members and PhD candidates.

When to appeal to the faculty’s confidential counselor?

The counselor is the right person to consult on, or to report to, all kinds of sensitive work-related issues, which staff members cannot openly discuss with their direct supervisor or institute’s board. Or in case the actions already taken for resolving the problems have failed to achieve the desired results.

Which kind of complaints can the counselor deal with?

As mentioned above, the complaints and points of dissatisfaction should primarily be work-related. For example, conflicts with supervisor about work load or future perspective, suspicions of discrimination, plagiarism, sexual harassment, feelings of intimidation, hostility, neglect and disrespect. In addition, issues which apply to PhD candidates such as excessive pressure on publishing or lecturing, dissatisfaction with the quality of supervision, meeting’s frequency with (daily) supervisor, feedback’s quality and delay and work conditions in general.

What can the faculty’s confidential counselor do for you?

The counselor's task is to assist faculty's personnel in dealing with their complaints and problems primarily by mindful listening, giving information and advice, offering support and mediation. And if necessary, to submit reported and not resolved conflicts to higher institute’s or faculty’s board for further investigation.

What does confidentiality mean?

It is important to emphasize that due to the sensitive character of the consultations the counselor is obliged to act with the utmost prudence. Confidentiality means that the identity of the staff members and their specific complaints will not be revealed to any one and that no action will be undertaken without their direct request and full consent as well.

Contact details

You can make an appointment by sending an e-mail to professor Shadid.