23 April, 2015: Food for Thought ‘Interdisciplinary research: the future of science’

The importance of interdisciplinarity in science for innovations and groundbreaking research is increasingly recognized. To demonstrate the unexpected points of view, creative potential and additional value of interdisciplinarity in science, this Food For Thought meeting will be organized by the group of prof. Andrea Evers (Health, Medical and Neuropsychology Unit). All staff and students are welcome!

KNAW report on interdisciplinarity

During this interactive session, they will discuss their vision about interdisciplinarity in science, on the basis of a (later this year published) report of the KNAW on interdisciplinarity and their own experience with interdisciplinary research. Senior and junior researchers conducting experimental and applied research will discuss the added value and possible issues of interdisciplinary research and how to stimulate this type of research in the future.

There will be room for comments or questions from the audience. At the end of the meeting, there will be laptop demonstrations of PhD candidates with interdisciplinary research examples.

Don’t miss this special interactive event!

Practical details

Date  Tuesday 23 April, 2015
Time  12:00-13:00. A simple lunch will be provided*
Location  Central Hall Pieter de la Court Buiding
Registration*  To ensure that there will be enough, please send an e-mail to , 16 April at the latest, if you are planning to attend.

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