12 November, 2015: Food for Thought on child abuse in the Netherlands

This Food for Thought meeting was with prof. Lenneke Alink (Instite of Education and Child Studies) on child abuse in the Netherlands. 

Lenneke Alink: Child maltreatment: An interdisciplinary problem

Child maltreatment is a serious global public health problem. It increases the risk of emotional, behavioural and somatic problems in victims and the financial costs for society are substantial. Yearly, more than 119.000 children in the Netherlands are victims of one or more types of child maltreatment – physical abuse and neglect, emotional abuse and neglect, and sexual abuse. Numbers do not seem to be declining. In order to unravel this problem and its possible solutions, an interdisciplinary approach is needed. In this presentation research will be discussed in which insights from child and family studies, neuroscience and law are integrated.

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