18 February, 2016: Food for Thought meeting

The Dean of the Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences invites you to attend the first 2016 Food for Thought meeting. This year’s theme is "passing the baton", and on Thursday 18 February speakers are Dr. Mark Westmoreland, Prof. Judi Mesman and Prof. Joop van Holsteyn. The meeting is chaired by Prof. Gerard Persoon. 

Talking Images and Making Images Talk. Visual Methods for Social Sciences

Everyone is an image-maker
The spread of digital imaging technologies has made photography and video virtually universal media. Increasingly, everyone is an image-maker, and social scientists are no exception. Researchers in the field routinely make photos of their research. These images feature in slide presentations, in figures, on book covers, as well as on the websites of scholarly journals, academic associations, and university departments – not to mention in photo competitions like CA-OS/Itiwana’s upcoming Street Life – 'Het leven van de straat'. And yet, despite this ubiquity, images produced by researchers are often not technically proficient and are shared without much critical analysis or scholarly assessment.

Visual tradition
This session of Food for Thought will show that visual methods for the social sciences can be empirically grounded, theoretically provocative, and aesthetically powerful. Leiden University has a long tradition of such work, beginning with Adriaan Gerbrands’ promotion of photography and film in research in the 1960s.

Speakers' topics
Mark Westmoreland will discuss the current range of courses at BA and MA levels, and how CA-OS strives to be at the forefront of new developments in visual anthropology. From Education and Child Studies, Judi Mesman will discuss her use of film in studying child-rearing practices from a comparative perspective. From Political Science, Joop van Holsteyn will present his work on (mis)understanding political cartoons. The hope is that these presentations will stimulate staff members and students to join in the discussion of the potential of visual methods for the social sciences.

Practical details

All practical details, e.g., time, location, how to register etc. can be found on the Food for Thought website.

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