18 November, 2014: Food for Thought with three of our Education and Child Studies experts

Speakers were prof. Marian Kranenburg-Bakermans, prof. Paul van den Broek and prof. Christine Espin. The meeting was chaired by prof. Judi Mesman.

The future of Education and Child Studies

The field of Education and Child Studies is at its core a science of interventions.  In our Institute, intervention studies are designed as randomized controlled experimental studies that serve both a fundamental research and a societal purpose. Fundamental research is needed to uncover mechanisms of causality; the societal purpose of intervention studies is to improve the lives of children across contexts and domains of development.  

In this edition of Food for Thought, three scientists from the Institute of Education and Child Studies will highlight the research agenda and scientific challenges in the development and investigation of pedagogical interventions over the decade to come. The speakers will reflect on three main areas of study within this field:

  • the family context of child development,

  • the educational context of child development, and

  • the development and education of children with behavioural disabilities and special needs.

Last Modified: 03-12-2014