23 April, 2013: Food for Thought meeting with Ton van Raan


The Graduate School invites you to attend the third of the Anniversary Food for Thought meetings: 'Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences: Highlights and Development 1963-2013'. It is hoped this meeting will see a fruitful interdisciplinary interaction. Presenter prof. Ton van Raan will discuss citations, H-index, journal impact and rankings. The meeting is chaired by prof. Paul Wouters.

Ton van Raan: Citations, H-index, journal impact and rankings: is this all sorrow and misery?

Ton van Raan will discuss how CWTS originated from, and developed within the hothouse of a remarkable blend of global and local context. Earlier studies of scientific communication and knowledge flow patterns, the invention and creation of the Science Citation Index, the changing political attitudes to the socio-economic aspects of scientific research and to the functioning of universities, the striking role of our own university in these changes, and the incredible increase of computer power, all these ingredients have made it possible to 'measure science', both as a commodity and as a field of research.

Measuring science engenders strong reactions: shouts of joy and deep emotions, condemnation and embrace, comfort and fatal attraction.... How did CWTS survive all this turbulence and become a strong research institute?

Practical details

Chair  Prof. Paul Wouters
Date  Tuesday 23 April, 2013
Time  12.00-13.00, lunch will be provided*
Location  S.A49
Registration*  To ensure that there will be enough, please send an e-mail to Reineke Mom, 18 April at the latest, if you are planning to attend.

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