24 September, 2013: Food for Thought meeting with Rudy Andeweg

The Graduate School invites you to attend the Anniversary Food for Thought Meetings: 'Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences: Highlights and Development 1963-2013'. Presenter prof. Rudy Andeweg will discuss how history affected the research programme of Leiden political science?

Rudy Andeweg: Lipsius to Lijphart and beyond; Leiden Political Science from Humanities and Law to Social Sciences

The world’s first chair in political science was established at Leiden University, in 1612. Why was that, and why did political science as a separate field of study disappear again? For centuries, politics was studied within the Leiden law school, and when political science reemerged in 1963 it was also in the law school. The transfer from law school to faculty of social sciences was only completed ten years ago. How does that history affect the research programme of Leiden political science?

Practical details

Chair Prof. Petr Kopecký
Date Tuesday 24 September, 2013
Time 12.00-13.00, lunch will be provided*
Location S.A41
Registration* To ensure that there will be enough, please send an e-mail to Reineke Mom, 19 September at the latest, if you are planning to attend.

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